Precision Manufacturing

Our talented, capable staff of technicians and engineers combines years of experience with can-do enthusiasm. Our shop is superbly tooled with the finest machines and inspection equipment. We have rebuilt many of our machines to better-than-new condition; for the most critical work, we have installed our own air-bearing spindles and slides, making extremely close-tolerance work a specialty. Our machine complement is extensive; many dedicated machines save setup costs and save you time.

We will provide superior service at a competitive price and, most importantly, no surprises! Please send your drawings for a prompt quotation.

  • Air bearings spindles and slides

  • Super-precise air bearing equipment

  • OD, ID and surface grinding

  • Diamond machining

  • Tools, Gages & Prototypes

  • Precise measuring devices

  • Design and development

  • R&D projects

  • Precision Parts

  • Roundness better than 20 microinches

  • Circular flatness better than 20 microinches