Computer Disk Testing & Pack Writing

Sub-microinch asynchronous error motion makes our spindles the preferred rotational reference standard in the computer memory disk industry.

Roundness & Flatness Testing

Check inside diameters, outside diameters, and face surfaces for runout, concentricity, and squareness to one-microinch accuracy.

Machine Tool Workheads

Face, turn, and bore to better than ten-microinch accuracies and achieve specular finishes.

Bearing Analysis

Measure bearing noise signature, runout, and asynchronous error motion through bearing analysis.

Precision Pivots & Indexers

Parts such as scanner polygons can be readily centered and machined with a horizontal or vertical axis. The pneumo-lock feature is often used in this application to fix the rotor’s position without introducing rotational error.

Optical Scanner Spindles

High rotational accuracy, no torque ripple, and low thermal excursion offer performance gains.


Workholding devices; motor drives; high-precision piloting systems; vacuum seals; rotary unions.

Grinding Spindles

Superior finishes are attainable through improved stiffness, smoothness, and accuracy. Operations such as slicing complex ferrite forms without chipping delicate edges, or grinding glass and other brittle materials are some examples. Our air bearing spindles have been found to cause a minimum of sub-surface damage, reducing polishing requirements.