Our entire history has involved building special machines for our own use and for customers. Despite our fondness for ingenious mechanisms, our first priority is simplicity. We prefer to base a special machine on an existing machine tool, adding rotary or linear axes of precise motion as necessary. Only when necessary will we start from our own base casting or custom granite structure.

Our machine-rebuilding shop is extremely well equipped to transform a used machine into a better-than-new one. We hand-scrape the ways, replace the ballscrews or leadscrews, replate the hardware, refinish the castings in our state-of-the-art paint shop, and align the machine upon reassembly using super-precise autocollimators and laser interferometers.

Among our favorite machine tools to use as a custom machine base is the Moore #3 base. This fine machine offers 18 x 12” of super-straight X-Y travel, driven by the world’s finest leadscrews or ballscrews. The CNC version offers motion resolution as low as 0.000,004”. To this stiff, accurate base we may add grinding, flycutting, boring, or workholding devices to provide a customized solution to a process problem.

Our special machines may not involve machining at all. As metrologists, we are frequently called on to design special gaging devices for difficult-to-measure features. Our gages make use of the wealth of experience and practicality of our designers, as well as the zero-error, zero-friction air bearing structures where they are appropriate.

“If it can be measured, it can be made.” Count on Professional Instruments Company to provide the tools for both tasks.