The model ISO 5.5F spindle was originally designed to meet the demanding requirements of the ultra-precision single point diamond turning industry. The application of the ISO 5.5F has grown to include conventional flycutting, raster flycutting, free-form surface generation, HDD servo track writing, DVD mastering, and metrology in vacuum environments. The Spindle’s central stiffness and extremely low error motion while being driven with a powerful brushless-DC motor can not be matched by any other spindle manufacturer in the world.

See a few example parts machined with the ISO 5.5F spindle.

Inlet Pressure: 6.9 bar
Ultimate Axial Load Capacity: 1110 N
Ultimate Radial Load Capacity: 890 N
Axial Stiffness (at spindle nose): 210 N/µm
Radial Stiffness (at spindle nose): 90 N/µm
Axial Error Motion: < 25 nm
Radial Error Motion: < 25 nm
Maximum Speed: 10,000 rpm
Motor Torque: 7.5 N·m continuous to 3,200 rpm (B12-25 motor)
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Drive Amplifier: MCS AX-2000
Encoder #1: Renco #R35i, 1024 line count with hall effect devices
Encoder #2: Renishaw RESM, 9000 line count with one read head (mounting provision for second read head)
Spindle to amplifier cables: 4.0 meters long
Spindle Weight: 340 N
The ISO 5.5E motorization option.
B13-25 brushless dc motor

4.0 N·m continuous torque to 9,200 rpm with MCS AX-2000 drive apmlifier and a 10,000 rpm max. speed.

B12-25 vs. B13-25 brushless dc motor comparison.

The B12-25 motor provides more continuous torque at slower speeds (less that 4,000 rpm) and lower radial synchronous error motion (the B12-25 typically has less than 1.0 nm of motor pole print thru) vs. the B13-25 motor (typically 2.0 — 8.0 nm of motor pole print thru). Both motors are of a 12 pole design.

Second Renishaw read head.
Spindle to amplifier (power and communications) cables 10.0 meters long.