The ultra-precise, ultra-stiff motion provided by Professional Instruments Company air bearings makes them the first choice in the manufacture and measurement of optical-tolerance goods.

Frictionless rotary motion with sub-millionth-inch precision in plain or motorized form. Completely stable at speeds from zero to 50,000 rpm and loads up to 15,000 pounds.

Ultra-high accuracy and stiffness with single or multiple axes. Five different basic designs, along with assistance from experienced designers to match the slide to your application.

Rotary Unions
Air, vacuum, and fluid unions supported on air bearing films to allow for transfer to a rotating shaft. Air bearing thrusts provide for non-contact support all around. We have built single, dual, and multi-channel models to fill the needs of a wide variety of customers.

Air Bearing Pads
Frictionless pads to incorporate into your mechanism. Choose from a variety of load-compensating structures to meet your requirements.

Special Machines
Multiple axes of rotary or linear motion in a single rigid assembly. Computerized motion control consultation, for a creative solution to challenging problems in manufacturing or measuring.

Workholding devices; motor drives; high-precision piloting systems; vacuum seals; rotary unions.

Air Bearing Repairs
We offer rapid repair service on our own air bearings, and also repair other manufacturers’ air bearing products. Our air-bearing-equipped machine tools and wide experience combine to provide an alternative to the OEM rebuild.