Professional Instruments Company builds ball bearing, roller bearing, and tapered-roller-bearing spindle assemblies. Many of the unique capabilities developed to manufacture our air bearings are used to improve rolling-element-bearing performance. Geometric form errors of the inner and outer races and misalignment between individual bearings set limits to the accuracy of rolling-element-bearing assemblies. Our air-bearing-equipped grinding machinery is perfectly suited to address these problems. Bearing housings are ground using air bearing workheads to ensure both precise alignment of the bearing pockets and near-perfect roundness in the bores.

Accurate alignment of the individual bearings is maintained during the assembly process on special fixturing that also precisely measures preload. Bearing error analyzers are used to measure bearing properties after assembly to certify radial, axial, and tilt accuracy. Shown here are representative examples of bearings we sell and some of the assembly and testing tooling in action.

Professional Instruments Company supplies bearing assemblies for a variety of applications including memory-disk testing, machine tools, coating rolls, precision pivots, and bearing testers. We manufacture a tapered-roller bearing version of our 4R BLOCK-HEAD®, the model 4R-T, that has radial and axial error motions of less than ten-millionths of an inch. Professional Instruments Company offers a wide range of services in the rolling-element bearing business including the testing of bearings, the upgrading of existing spindle assemblies, and the design and manufacture of ball or roller bearing spindles. As with our air bearings, other enhancements such as motors, encoders, water-cooling jackets, and piloted chucking systems are available. Attention to detail in design and manufacture and the ability to measure results after assembly make our bearings better!