To complement the accuracy of our air bearing spindles, we add precise positioning mechanisms to suit special customer needs. High-resolution indexing is achieved by integrating a servo motor and optical encoder directly with the bearing, eliminating the errors introduced by couplings. With this high-performance approach, rotor position is controlled to less than one arc-second, while maintaining sub-microinch radial and axial error. For critical applications, we have developed ultra-low-inertia spindles to minimize settling time and maximize acceleration. A popular accessory is a non-influencing brake which holds the rotor still and torsionally rigid.

For some applications, a simple but highly-repeatable shot-pin indexer offers an inexpensive and reliable solution; we use these throughout our own plants. A shot-pin fixture on the bearing rotor provides detents into which a tight-fitting pin engages. The resulting indexer works well as a fixture on surface grinders and jig grinders.

Face-gear indexing is our elegant way to provide sub-arc-second precision while preserving the bearing’s accuracies with a strictly-mechanical device. The photograph shows a face-gear indexer coupled to a model 4B BLOCK-HEAD® air bearing with a torsional-restraint coupling we developed and patented ourselves. The gears enmesh with spring pressure and separate by pressurizing an air cylinder, allowing the rotor to rotate freely.

Let us assist you in designing a clever solution to your pivot or indexer problem. The design services we offer represent the highest form of extra-value accessory.