Professional Instruments Company’s air bearing spindle technology finds its way into a dizzying array of products. Optical-scanning devices, like those found in a grocery check-out, represent a class of product where a perfect axis of rotation can be quite an advantage. Radial asynchronous errors in an axis of rotation can cause distortions in the images produced by very high resolution printing devices.

Shown here is a ten-faceted air bearing optical-scanning spindle that shows the wide range of capabilities of Professional Instruments Company. The rotor of the spindle assembly is supported on air bearing films. The ten-faceted mirror is an integral part of the rotor. The motor rotor is attached directly to the bearing rotor. This system uses a hysteresis-synchronous AC motor capable of rotating at 40,000 rpm. The spindle is two-plane dynamically balanced to provide for imbalance induced forces below 1.0 x 10-4 oz:in. Professional Instruments Company air bearing spindles have been applied to projects that greatly improve satellite imagery, print high resolution photographs, and improve and automate the detection of cancer in tissue.