If you can measure it, you can make it …

Precision measurement is the key to Professional Instruments Company’s success. Our founders, Ted and Harold Arneson, instilled an uncompromising attitude toward quality and had an insatiable appetite for improving measurement capabilities. Ted and Harold expanded the toolbox of precision engineering with their many contributions to measurement science.

Our indicator mounts, magnetic bases, and related accessories play as important a role in our ultra-precision products as our BLOCK-HEAD® spindles. Customers who have visited our company can attest to the amazing array of tooling and gaging developed at Professional Instruments Company. With the addition of some profoundly clever tools, an ordinary surface plate is transformed into an ultra-precision measurement system. We make some of these tools available to our customers.

Our indicator mounts have a precision-toleranced 3/8” diameter hole in one end. The top, bottom, and sides are precision ground and generously populated with mounting holes and slots. A variety of lengths are available. Accessories including T-nuts, T-washers, angle brackets, and other enhancements allow users to construct custom assemblies.

Our magnetic bases are specially modified to address the inadequacies of the typical bases available. Generously-sized posts are attached to the base with four screws. Precision-ground surfaces at the interface ensure a proper coupling between the post and base. Substantial clamps hold the cross bars rigidly in place. The result is a stiffer structural loop and lower hysteresis at the indicator.

Shown here are magnetic base and indicator mounts in action. They are used on the shop floor, in our inspection departments, and often travel with our technicians in the field. The combination of our indicator mounts, magnetic bases, and BLOCK-HEAD® spindles form the basis of a powerful, yet versatile metrology tool kit.