Professional Instruments Company BLOCK-HEAD®, ISO, liquistatic, and other spindles provide axes of rotation for machine tool workheads in many applications. Millionth-inch radial and axial accuracies provide for an order of magnitude improvement in part geometry. Placement of an air bearing to hold the work is generally the first order of business in any on-going effort to improve machine performance. Workheads for cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, rotary grinders, lathes, and diamond turning machines are produced and have proved to be exceptionally effective.

Professional Instruments Company has modified hundreds of machines in our own facilities with air bearing workheads. Our position in the market as both a producer and user of air bearings makes us uniquely qualified to design and build solutions that allow for improvements to work piece geometry. Surfaces of revolution are routinely produced with errors less than ten-millionths of an inch. Our goal is to drive geometric form errors below the surface finish of the machined parts. We show five examples out of hundreds of our air bearing workheads in action. A variety of work-holding solutions are available. Proper integration of a precision work holder to the air bearing is critical to the goal of improved workpiece accuracy. Friction drives, belt drives, integral motors, and a wide variety of other methods have been successfully integrated.