Round Rod Slides
This type provides both linear and rotary motion. It is both inexpensive and readily available from our inventory. Installation is straightforward.

Square Rod Slides
This design offers high precision with good torsional stiffness and convenient flat mounting surfaces. It may be motorized, as shown in the photograph, but is not ideal for high-acceleration applications.

Dual Rod Slides
This type combines two parallel round-rod slides. It is ideal for motorizing because the drive force can be at the center of mass. A popular application combines the dual-rod slide with a spindle.

Structure Preloaded Slides
This design offers good pitch accuracy, even in long-stroke applications, because the rail is continuously supported. Any payload size may be accommodated, with uncompromised accuracy.

Air Pad Slides
We make a wide range of air pad shapes and sizes. Where precise, frictionless motion is desired across a smooth, flat surface, air pads may be ideal. They can also be configured for preload via pneumatic piston or vacuum.