Professional Instruments Company is a privately owned family business founded in 1946. The owners are sons of the founder and have worked many years in all areas of the company’s operations.

We currently operate four plants: Three in Minneapolis, and one in Rochester, Minnesota. Our total manufacturing floor space is more than 100,000 square feet, all of which is of modern, fire-resistant, air-conditioned construction. The company is ready to handle substantial future growth and has no significant financial liabilities. We have a skilled group of craftsmen, many of whom came up through long-standing, company-operated training programs.

In addition to our company’s product line of air bearing spindles and slides, we do a wide range of sub-contract manufacturing including tools, gages, prototype parts, precision cams, special machines and production parts. We are actively working in the field of diamond machining. We make a strong effort to handle a wide variety of work which enables us to do jobs that many firms cannot handle without sub-contracting.

We regularly do business with IBM, Etec, SVG Lithography, Palomar, Corning, Applied Materials, Rosemount, Moore Tool, Nikon, Dover, Carl Zeiss, Cranfield Precision, Allergan Medical Optics, 3M, Timken, Seagate, and many others. We are certified vendors for several of these, and also have Confidential Disclosure Agreements to facilitate our working on important R&D projects. Our equipment includes the following:

CNC Machine Tools
CAD/CAM Software
Special Machines
Surface Grinders
Cylindrical & Centerless Grinders
Internal Grinders & Honing
Jig Borers - Jig Grinders
Wheel Balancers
EDM Machines
Milling Machines
Inspection Equipment
Clean Room
Precision Cams
Heat Treating
Precision Lapping
Deburring Facilities
Sheet Metal
Spray Painting

CNC Machine Tools
7 - Bridgeport Accurite CNC Mill.
2 - Haas model GT-20 lathe.
2 - Haas Mini-Mill vertical machining center.
1 - Haas model SL-20 CNC turning lathe.
1 - Haas model SL-30 Big Bore CNC lathe.
1 - Haas model TL-1 Tool Room Lathe.
1 - Haas model VF2 machining center.
1 - Haas model VF3 machining center with extended Y travel and full 4th axis.
3 - Haas TM-1 CNC Toolroom Mill, (2) with full 4th axis
1 - Miltronic ML-14 flatbed toolroom lathe.
6 - Mitsui 618 & 818 CNC Surface Grinder
1 - Okamoto OGM 12”x24” CNC cylindrical grinder.
2 - Okamoto OGM 12”x40” CNC cylindrical grinder.
1 - Omni Turn Custom CNC Lathe.
3 - Parker Majestic Liberty 1 CNC ID/OD grinder
1 - Toyoda GE3P-25M 8”x10” cylindrical grinder.

CAD/CAM Software
3 - AutoCAD® design software.
1 - Mastercam® design/manufacturing software directly linked with CNC equipment. Able to use any customer CAD format for part generation.
5 - Solidworks® solid modeling software.

Special Machines
2 - Moore #3 base, equipped with a Milltronics CNC control.
2 - Moore #3 base, upgraded at Moore Tool with Fanuc 18-M series CNC, roller ways, linear scale feedback, 4 microinch minimum feed resolution.
1 - Moore #3 base, upgraded at Moore Tool with Fanuc 18i-M series CNC, roller ways, linear scale feedback, 4 microinch minimum feed resolution.
2 - Moore #3 base, upgraded at Moore Tool with Fanuc Powermate CNC, roller ways, linear scale feedback, 4 microinch minimum feed resolution.
10 - Moore #3 jig grinder bases with air bearing spindles for use on prototype diamond turning and grinding.
1 - Moore #4 Bridge style machine modified for precision fly cutting operations.
1 - Moore #5 jig borer base, specially modified for precision boring of air bearing journals.

Surface Grinders
35 - Surface grinders from 5”—10” to 32”—120”. One unit will grind 27” wide by 60” long. Fifteen are Okamoto 12”—24” Accugars. These machines are equipped and maintained to produce the most accurate surface grinding work obtainable. Seven are equipped with BLOCK-HEAD® air bearing wheelhead spindles. Manufacturers include Okamoto, Brown & Sharpe, Elb, Abrasive, Taft-Pierce, Thompson.

Cylindrical & Centerless Grinders
8 - Centerless grinding machines (three DedTrus, one Ghiringelli and two Cincinnati #2).
30 - Cylindrical grinders to 14”x36”. Plain, universal and plunge-feed types. One has riser blocks for 26” swing. Many of these are equipped with air bearing headstocks and tailstocks for super-precise work. Manufacturers include Landis, Norton, Cincinnati, Brown & Sharpe, Myford, and Tschudin.
4 - Ex-Cell-O center lapping machines.
1 - Norton 10”x36” type CTU Cam-O-Matic cam grinding machine.

Internal Grinders & Honing
18 - Internal grinders including a Heald 72A5 equipped to grind tapers in long parts supported with a steady rest, three Heald 273A toolroom-universal machines, and one Heald 171. Many are equipped with air bearing headstocks and wheelhead spindles.
1 - Springfield vertical internal grinder, 30” I.D. capacity.
4 - Sunnen honing machines with the area’s most complete stock of mandrels and stones (from .060” to 6.0”). Also a full complement of Sunnen external honing equipment.
4 - Sunnen precision bore gages.

Jig Borers - Jig Grinders
3 - Moore #3 jig grinders completely equipped with all accessories, including a slot grinder and several air bearing spin tables for work requiring millionth-inch roundness and flatness. All Moore spindles to 175,000 rpm, plus air bearing spindles to 60,000 rpm.
2 - Moore jig borers, with all accessories including a Moore master dividing head.
1 - SIP Hydroptic-6A 28”x40” jig borer with 37” of Z travel. Machine is fully tooled including all accessories.

Wheel Balancers
4 - Balantron electronic grinding wheel balancing units. These Swiss-made balancers balance the grinding wheel on the machine at operating speed. They greatly increase the quality of grinding work.

EDM Machines
1 - Current EDM Hole Popper.
1 - Fanuc alpha-olc
1 - Mitsubishi model 90 CR wire-cut EDM machine.
1 - Mitsubishi model FX10K wire-cut EDM machine.
1 - Uni-Tek Metal Disintegrator model 100-D.

Milling Machines
1 - #2 horizontal milling machines.
16 - Vertical milling machines (toolroom type) with every possible accessory. These range from small extra-sensitive high-speed units to large heavy-duty types. Two Bridgeports are permanently equipped with Advance cross-slide rotary tables. Others are permanently equipped with index heads, dividing heads, rotary tables, etc. to save setup time on short-run jobs.

19 - Large precision lathes from 14”x48” to a 15 hp Monarch 27”x72”; 10 hp Okuma 12” x 72”; six are 15” LeBlond dual-drive and Regal servo shift models. Our LeBlonds also include one 17” Regal and one 19” Regal. All are late-style, high-quality, superbly tooled machines.
29 - Small precision lathes including four Hardinge toolmaker’s lathes, three Hardinge chuckers and one Monarch chucker, one Hardinge AHC automatic chucker with automatic threading, five Hardinge hand-screw machines, plus a wide variety of high class engine lathes and hand-screw machines, extraordinarily well tooled.

15 - Arbor presses in a wide range of sizes and types.
1 - Buehler abrasive cut-off saws.
1 - Cincinnati planer with Bridgeport head capable of machining 48”x120”x48” piece.
20 - Drill presses from 14” to 36” capacity. Included are four Burgmasters and three six-spindle gang drills. Also three high-speed sensitive micro drill presses.
3 - High-precision shaft straightening presses.
4 - Horizontal band-cutoff saws.
5 - Hydraulic shop presses to 60 ton.
1 - Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection machine.
1 - Rofin Easymark III Laser Engraver
1 - Spartan PA-18PC horizontal bandsaw.
2 - Super Brown cold saws.
2 - Tool-and-cutter grinding machines plus an unusually wide selection of drill and end-mill sharpening equipment.
5 - Ultra-precise dynamic balancing machines equipped to handle a wide variety of small-to-medium sized balancing applications.
15 - Vertical band saws, distributed through our shops to avoid the need to change blades.
2 - Zyglo dye-penetrant crack-detection setups.

Inspection Equipment
1 - 18” Moore master step gage.
1 - 36” Rahn Planekator which enables us to calibrate our own surface plates.
10 - Cadillac Pla-Checks.
6 - Capacitance gages.
12 - Electronic indicators (.000,005” resolution).
2 - Johansson indicators reading in half-millionths.
2 - Johansson indicators reading in one-millionths.
50 - Johansson indicators reading in ten-millionths.
20 - Laboratory-accuracy surface plates.
9 - Large sets of gage blocks.
2 - Leitz autocollimators.
1 - Leitz optical dividing and radius measuring engine.
1 - Leitz toolmaker’s microscope.
3 - Lion Precision spindle error analyzers.
3 - Moore measuring machine.
30 - Optical flats to 10” in diameter.
12 - Professional Instruments Company roundness checking systems.
2 - Ring gage calibrating instruments.
6 - Rockwell hardness testers (regular, superficial, and micro hardness).
2 - Scherr Tumico (3700) Optical Comparator with Quadra Chek 220
1 - Scherr Tumico (8600) Video Inspection System with Quadra Chek 320
2 - Squareness testers.
15 - Stereo microscopes.
4 - Sunnen bore gages with setting fixtures.
6 - Surface roughness indicators.
1 - Talysurf laboratory roughness measuring instrument.
1 - Talyvel precision level (.1 arc second).
1 - Tropel Flatmaster® flatness analysis system.
1 - Wild autocollimator.
1 - Wyler precision level (.2 arc second).
1 - Zeiss Contura G2 with Vast XT Head
1 - Zeiss Contura G2 with Vast XXT Head
We also have a full complement of the more usual gaging equipment such as V-blocks, angle plates, height gages, bench centers, bore gages, indicating mikes, etc. We keep a card file on our inspection equipment, and record calibrations performed on each tool or gage. Frequently used items are calibrated on a regular schedule; infrequently used items are calibrated on an as-used basis. Gages which we are not equipped to calibrate are sent to an outside laboratory and certified. Our nine sets of gage blocks are calibrated on an annual basis and replaced as needed. We maintain and upgrade our equipment with complete facilities for machine way scraping and spindle rebuilding/retrofitting. Many of our machines have been retrofitted to provide machining capability to the finest possible geometric tolerances. Over 100 air bearing spindles are used as workheads, wheelheads, and inspection fixtures.

Clean Room
1 - 16”—16’Class 10000.

Precision Lapping
Our precision lapping department includes five flat-lapping machines, two centerless laps, and a wide variety of specially built spherical lapping machines.

Precision Cams
We have facilities for designing and producing precision cams. Much of this work is done on equipment designed and built by our company. We are equipped to grind hardened cams having internal contours down to 1/8” radius. We are tooled to produce master cams to the most exacting tolerances.

We work in almost every material. The company is long experienced in ceramics, carbides, hardcoatings and plated coatings, plastics, light and heavy metals, and just about every machinable substance.

It is worth noting that we have manufactured steel master balls used as roundness standards, and that the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) in Washington, D.C. has a 2” ball we supplied them which is spherical to one-quarter millionth inch. Moore Tool of Bridgeport, Connecticut, uses one of our master balls as their roundness standard.

We have received Minnesota’s highest safety award, the “Award of Honor”, 20 times. This is given to only six companies each year.

Professional Instruments has a great deal to offer your company in several fields of precise tooling and manufacturing. Gages, fixtures, special machines, prototypes, precision parts production, cams and diamond machining are some possibilities, as are many types of equipment utilizing the company’s numerous years of experience in designing ultra-precise air bearing spindles and slides.

We would be pleased to quote your requirements and assure you that we will make every effort to produce superior tools, parts or products, on time, and at competitive prices.