Professional Instruments Company’s air bearing spindles are the industry standard for diamond turning, flycutting, and grinding. The world’s finest reflective and transmissive optics come from machines equipped with our spindles. Accuracy and stiffness combine to provide a precise, stable axis of rotation even in interrupted cuts. In addition, our air bearing slides represent the state of the art in stiff, accurate linear motion, with ultra-smooth linear motors providing an influence-free drive. We have a well-equipped diamond machining department with a Moore #5 base modified for boring, and many Moore #3 machines, both CNC and manually controlled, modified for ultra-high-precision turning, boring, flycutting, grinding and shaping. Together with our own use of this department, we also offer our customers access so that they may evaluate special machine processes in a relaxed, supportive environment. With these powerful tools at our disposal, the workpiece material itself is the only limit to form accuracy