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BLOCK-HEAD® Bearing Analyzers

The inner workings of rolling-element bearings are revealed in unprecedented detail, using the near-perfect rotational axis of the BLOCK-HEAD® air bearing spindle as a reference. A hysteresis-free air bearing piston provides preload force against the test bearing’s stationary outer race while the inner race is spun smoothly at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Contact or non-contact gauging measures motion of the outer race, feeding the data to a computer for sophisticated analysis. Error motion may be viewed in detail on a turn-by-turn basis, or multi-turn phenomena may be displayed as polar charts showing average, total, or maximum asynchronous motion. Fast-Fourier analysis provides an especially powerful tool for probing the root causes of error motion, quantifying the data in 131,073 separate “frequency bins” for ultra-high resolution reading of a bearing’s noise signature. Transient and high-speed events are displayed with high fidelity.