Professional Instruments Company and our Partners in Precision: Lion Precision, Lorien Consultants, and Penn State’s Machine Dynamics Research Lab (MDRL) have conducted extensive research in the analysis of individual bearing elements and precision spindles. Tools we have developed reveal subtleties of mechanical motion with extreme clarity and high resolution.

Lion Precision’s Spindle Error Analysis (SEA) systems are the industry standard for portable spindle error evaluation. Using master balls manufactured by Professional Instruments Company to millionth-inch accuracy, Lion’s SEA capacitance-gage system quantifies properties under near-operating conditions.

Error motion characteristics of individual bearings are measured with our BLOCK-HEAD® Bearing Analyzers, in concert with data acquisition and analysis systems developed by both Lorien Consultants and Penn State’s MDRL. Mechanical, acoustic, and torque properties are measured while the bearing is at speed and preloaded.

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