In addition to air bearing spindles and slides, Professional Instruments Company produces a wide variety of air bearing pads. We manufacture many shapes including round pads, square pads, rectangular pads, curved pads, and spherical pads. Materials include bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, graphite and ceramics. Different air pad requirements inspire us to apply a wide variety of air bearing compensation techniques. Element compensation (both steps and grooves), orifice compensation, porous-wall compensation and even compound compensation are used. The ability to apply such a wide array of different technologies to the making of air bearing pads lets us provide truly unique solutions to our customers.

Professional Instruments Company uses an air pad testing system that allows us to study the behavior of air films under individual pads. We developed the testing system to study load capacity and stiffness and confirm the results of our mathematical models. Incremental improvements to the systems over the years have resulted in a system that is equipped to measure pneumatic instability and dynamic response of the air films. Making important developments as a result of the insights gained while load testing is the path Professional Instruments Company has followed in the pursuit of perfection in many of our air bearing products. Professional Instruments Company can analyze air pad requirements, analyze the performance of existing air pad designs, and participate in the development of new air pad applications. Many problems attributed to air pads turn out to be problems with the kinematics of the mounting systems. Professional Instruments Company understands air pad systems and offers unique solutions.